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February is here and already the days are noticeably longer, and until this week colder, now it looks like windy and wet weather are on the way.

In my garden this delightful shrubs is in full Bloom. It is fragrant and mine planted in a sheltered patio area gives off a nice fragrance as you walk past.

This is a delightful upright evergreen shrub, providing colour at what can be a dull time of the year.

Easy to grow really in any fertile soil, sheltered area is best, does not like to be transplanted so give careful thought to where you plant it.

Can be grown in containers.

Good for borders

Slow growing very little pruning is required.

HT 200cm Spread 150cm

Hardy throughout UK – RHS H4.

During this month check through all the seed you have collected for any Plant Breeding Projects you are working on or have planned.

During bad weather check through catalogues and online to see what new plants are being introduced this year.

Helps when making comparisons with plant breeding plans you may have.

For developing your new plant breeding selection or new plant discovery I can offer full trialling and new plant development service more details available on my website.

Also pictures can be taken, recorded and stored if needed.

Full Plant Protection applications processed in UK, EU, and other world territories.

Mother stock build up, Plant propagation and virus testing available.

With UK leaving the EU, a Procedural Representative will be needed for making PBR Applications in Europe, I have access to a company in Europe so can easily assist in making those PBR Applications, including sending plants to testing stations which going forward will not be in the UK.



February fill dyke black or white!

February can be a month of heavy rain and some winters snow, the phrase refers to ditches being filled with water or snow!

Plants to look for in February



Camellia Elegans

Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea – Rosebud Cherry

Crocus sieberi Violet Queen

Jasminum nudiflorum – Winter Jasmine

Snowdrops and Crocus will be up now and most likely in flower.

Carry on clearing branches and twigs from any recent storms, good idea to check fences and property borders for damage.

Trimming and tidying of perennials and grasses can continue while weather allows, trim dead leaves off Hellebores shows up flowers better.

Trim shrubs that have finished flowering.

Towards the end of the month ideal time to prune hybrid Tea roses and floribunda, cut away any dead or diseased stems. Make cuts at 45° angle.

If you have winter bedding, deadheading and removing dead leaves will prolong flowering and keep plants looking good.

You can divide perennials now those that have overgrown their allotted space and those you want to move, such as Geraniums.

Prepare beds for new planting such as roses, but remember do not plant Roses in the same area as previously planted.

Improve beds where you have poor drainage by digging in gravel and organic material now is the time for soil improvement when weather conditions allow.

Weeding of borders can also be carried out as these will continue to grow.

Plant Lilly bulbs in pots for summer flowers.

Plant bareroot hedges, like Beech, blackthorn, hazel etc. Soak roots for at least an hour before planting.

Can also plant container grown.

February is also the month to prune buddleia, Spiraea japonica, tamarisk and hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata).

If you have plants in containers then these will need still to be checked for watering, keep them raised to aid drainage.

Dahlias and Cannas stored check for drying out and any disease, remove those that have rotted.

Good time to look through catalogues and order seed.

Last chance to take hardwood cuttings of ornamental shrubs like Cornus, Ribes, Salix.

Cut back ornamental vines.

For lawns you can lay turf and repair lawn where required but avoid wet or freezing weather.

Remove any twigs and branches.

If the lawn needs mowing cut to maximum height to give a tidy up, edging the lawn will give a nice neat finish.

Good time to get mower serviced, check tools and sharpen where needed.

Late summer and autumn flowering Clematis can be cut back to lowest pair of strong buds.

You can trim winter flowering Heathers as flowers fade to keep bushy habit.

Last chance this month for pruning apple and pear trees.

Time to cut back autumn flowering Raspberries and black currents to encourage new canes.

Not a lot to do with the pond if you have one keep from freezing completely.

Clean out waterfalls streams, remove any branches and debris.

For veg garden finish any deep digging.

You can cover some of garden with polythene or cloches to warm up soil for early sowings.

Early sowings under cloches can be made of Carrots, Lettuce, Radishes, Salad Onions and Summer Cabbages.

Plant shallots now, plant quite deep to prevent birds pulling out them out.

Start chitting seed potatoes if you did not do last month.

Jerusalem Artichokes can be planted now, relative of sunflower, very tough will survive in the poorest of soils.

If growing peppers and tomatoes from seed you can start these now in a heated greenhouse, take about 3 weeks to germinate.

Look at storing more water for watering your plants during dry months by installing more water butts.

Mulching is also worth considering best for next month.

If you have alpine plants then some gravel round crown helps with drainage.

Enjoy the Garden, get out there as much as you can during this month, spring is well underway.