New Plant Marketing

Welcome to Gooderham Horticulture Ltd based in East Anglia, one of the leading new plant creation and marketing companies in the UK. Paul Gooderham, having worked as a new plant development manager for over three decades, established Gooderham Horticulture Ltd with an aim to provide complete guidance to both professionals and enthusiasts with various aspects of plant breeding, protection, promotion and even tips on where to buy plants.

We Can Supply Complete Guidance on:

• New Plant Development,
• Marketing,
• Protection – patents and breeders rights
• Licensing
• Promotion

About New Plant development and Marketing:

Our company specializes in new plant breeding techniques. We take pleasure in assisting with various new variety introduction techniques, promotion and patents as well.

Criteria for plant development:

New variety developing techniques depends solely on the variety that is being developed. Breeding can proceed along different lines it might be to explore flowering at a different time of the year, different colour, shorter height, pests and disease resistance etc.

You can get the guidance needed and any trials that you require at our nursery in both open ground and pot trials, we can also carry out these tests at your premises if that is required.

Plant Breeders Rights, Patents and promoting your new variety:

A new variety discovered or part of a breeding programme needs correct licensing and variety protection methods. Once all is in place, it is essential to carry out plant promotion so growers and gardeners become aware about the variety.

Gooderham Horticulture are the plant expert in UK and work with some of the leading marketing companies and journalists in the ornamental horticulture world.

Our History:

Paul has extensive experience as a horticulturist, and has worked in collaboration with various leading UK and European nurseries in the field of new variety growth, its promotion and patents. Gooderham Horticulture currently manages the New Plant Development programme for Blooms of Bressingham North America.

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