Plant Licensing

Plant licensing is a right of any plant breeder who has developed a new variety. This assists with protecting their variety and also keeps a check on illegal reproduction of the variety.

Developing a new variety, doing trials and protecting it take time, patience and money. A lot of research is put in to develop a new variety.

Moreover, a breeder knows the attention and care that is required for the new plant variety to grow optimally. When a grower sells the new variety that is protected with plant licensing, a grower can expect clear technical instructions and production support.

The breeder will license growers with a written agreement it may be for a predetermined time or have some performance related clause.

Gooderham Horticulture, run by Paul Gooderham in the UK, is one place for the complete guidance on licensing and protection and new variety development for shrub growers, discoverers in the UK and across the EU.

Paul has been a horticulturist for more than 3 decades now, with this expert knowledge, he has the experience of new plant development, breeding and licensing.

To avail Paul’s assistance you need not be a professional gardener or a horticulturist by profession, you might be just an individual plant lover Paul’s knowledge is available for anyone and everyone.

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