Plant Trials
Plant Trials

Plant Trials

Professional breeders understand that every plant performs in a different way in different environment and soil conditions. This is where the trials play a major role.

What are plant trials?

To test that a particular variety is distinct, uniform and stable and to develop technical information that can assist growers in the production of the new variety and by performing plant trials in a nursery environment these factors can be established.

Ideal Place for performing Plant Trials?

The ideal place for such trials is in a garden, nursery, university, commercial places etc. The point is that these trials will test that the variety is distinct, uniform and stable but most of all that it will make a good garden plant.

Uses of Plant Trials:

A breeder gets an idea about what are the growing requirements of that variety. The breeder can also be assured that the new variety is distinct from other similar varieties before committing expensive production time and preparing plant protection.

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